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Jackets, pants and suits

Jackets, pants and bike suits can do more than just save your skin in a crash. They can help protect joints, bones and other parts of your body. So it makes sense to choose gear that's designed and constructed to do the job as effectively as possible.

motorcycle rider seen from the knees up in full protective gear

Purpose-made motorcycle clothing provides better weather and crash protection than ordinary clothing. In proper motorcycle gear you will almost certainly be better protected.

Jackets, pants and suits should:
  • be tailored for a riding position
  • completely cover your arms, legs and body
  • secure around wrists, waist and ankles to prevent sliding up and exposing skin during a fall
  • have impact and abrasion protection for your back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees
  • be highly abrasion and tear resistant like gloves
  • be done up properly to offer the best protection.

Wet weather gear

grey weather proof motorcycle jacket

Changes in the weather are unpredictable so it often pays to carry wet weather gear with you at all times. Waterproof (rather than water resistant) clothing that lets your body breathe is the best way to keep dry. Waterproof gear lets your sweat out, while stopping the rain water from getting in.

For more information on protective gear view section 4 of the Queensland Motorcycle Riders’ Guide.

Last updated
06 January 2014